PLEASE NOTE: The Senda Therapy office is currently closed and no longer accepting new clients at this time. Please check back in the future for any updates and check out the resources page for further reference.

Do you and/or your family need help finding your pathway to increased happiness? Feeling stressed out? Need some more time for  change in your family’s life and need some support? Still challenged by a family member’s behavior or attitude?

Perhaps some of these questions speak to you and if so, Senda Therapy is here to help! I have a real passion and extensive experience in guiding families through difficult times. Issues that I address, but am not limited to, include family life changes such as divorce/separation, parenting or relationship struggles, etc.

I also work with women’s issues in the sense that we are all striving for equality and balance and I aspire to empower. These issues could range from depression, immigration issues or domestic violence.

By working with Senda Therapy you will find a warm, caring person who understands your cultural background and will work to set attainable goals.

Senda Therapy’s goal is to help families down the pathway to healthy emotional wellness. Let’s feel better – increased happiness is just a phone, text or email away, so please take the first step and contact Senda Therapy today.

AVISO IMPORTANTE: la oficina de Senda Therapy está cerrada en este momento y ya no acepta nuevos clientes. Favor de regresar si quiere consultar en el futuro cualquier noticia y consulte la página de recursos para obtener más información.

Senda Therapy ofrece servicios de consejería en el área de Chicago. Como a lo mejor sabe Usted, Senda significa camino en español. Esto trata de describir la meta de proveer consejería bilingüe y con un entendimiento de su cultura. Además, muchas veces consejería pueda ser fría, aburrida y dejarle mas confundido/a. Senda Therapy trata de guiarle durante tiempos difíciles en su vida para que uno mismo lo entienda mejor y pueda encontrar su propio camino.

Consejería Senda trabaja con una gran variedad de temas de la vida. Las áreas de interés y especialización son los adolescentes, la violencia doméstica, problemas y temas de familia, la ansiedad, la depresión, problemas de inmigrantes, niños y ancianos.